Christina Galioto

Life is all about the chances you take, the friends you make, and the experiences you create.  As cliché as this may sound, it’s true and there is no other person who embodies that phrase better than Christina Galioto. From scuba diving in the Indian Ocean to skydiving over the red rocks in Arizona, Christina firmly believes in taking life head on and experiencing all that it has to offer.

This lust for life didn’t just sprout overnight. Christina Galioto’s formative years were spent modeling for some of the world’s biggest brands. These brands include Bebe, Betsey Johnson, Gucci, and Marciano as well as features in Elle, Vogue, Cosmo, and many more. Her impressive resume goes on for miles, circling the world and back again. Her commanding presence in front of the camera has led her to be signed to agencies in New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, and even Milan.

Having been signed to agencies all over and modeling for global brands, Christina is no stranger to traveling. Whether by herself, as a model, with friends, family, or her fiancé, Christina has been all over the world with her camera and her lust for life. Some of her favorite places include areas as exotic as Bali or as simply charming as Charleston, SC. When it comes to traveling, Christina truly has wanderlust in her heart.

In addition to her traveling, Christina chooses to live a healthy lifestyle through veganism. Her brand “Vegan Gypsy” promotes her to desire to share the benefits of veganism in a way that is both inspiring and engaging. It’s through this brand that Christina shares recipes, tips, advice, and other need to knows about veganism and healthy living. Don’t miss Christina’s cooking show on YouTube.

Bringing all of this together in a concise way, Christina chooses to write about her experiences, whether through poetry or blogging. Her interest for writing began when she was younger and has blossomed ever since. With every experience in Christina’s life comes a new story, poem, blog, or even recipe that needs to be shared.

With such a busy life, Christina stays sane through nature, reading, yoga, and of course her friends.