Christina Galioto Shares Life Tips for Managing the Shallow Waters of Social Media

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Christina Galioto

Not a single person walking this Earth is perfect. No matter what Instagram may have you believe about a person’s life or how a Snapchat filter makes someone look impeccable, we all have our flaws. While social media and television make perfection look attainable, what you don’t see is all of the hard work that has gone into this one snapshot of a moment. Think about your own selfie taking abilities. Do you always go with the first selfie or do you snap continuously until you find one that looks like your definition of perfect?

It’s fair to say that social media has become larger than anyone expected. With the increase of social media comes the rise in social media influencers such as Christina Galioto. While social media and mainstream media are just quick snippets of desired perfection, what we continuously hide are the numerous flaws and mistakes that make us who we are. Model and social influencer, Christina Galioto is not shy when it comes to social media. However, she is very vocal when it comes to urging people to live their own lives on their terms. With her advice, here is how you can balance the world of social media imagery and your own life.

Tip #1: If your posts don’t receive as much attention as you like, don’t take it to heart.
You spent hours doing your makeup and getting ready for the day. You love your outfit. You found perfect lighting and had to snap a selfie. You’re in love with the selfie so much that you post it to Instagram. Now you’re waiting for the flood gates of little hearts to come in. Yet, silence. You get the occasional heart here and there, but not the stream of validation that you were looking for. We’ve all been there.  But listen, likes on social media are not currency and it’s not genuine love. There’s nothing you can buy or do with an Instagram like. Don’t take the lack of hearts to heart.

Tip #2: Social media posts never tell the full story. Remember that.
There’s an old saying, “There’s three sides to every story: yours, the other persons, and the truth”. This applies to social media as well. What all of us post on social media is not the full story, even if the full story is what we’re trying to post. Filters, angles, lighting, even the limited amount of camera space all do their part to capture tidbits of the moment and not the full moment. Judging an entire scenario or trying to base your life on one captured moment is not going to end well.

Some people live and die by the ebbs and flows of social media. What Christina Galioto wants people to keep in mind is this: You can’t make your own movie from someone else’s highlight reel. Live your life, make your own memories, become your own person, and enjoy every ounce of the journey.

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